Welcome To Farah Syed Training Academy Student Area

Welcome on board the Farah Syed Training Academy, where you will learn everything you need in becoming a professional makeup artist. This is the only Asian Bridal Academy that has a student area which will give you access for guidance and info. We are proud to be unique and offer you this service to help you succeed in your course.

You must print these documents out BEFORE your course starts and bring it along with you, preferably in an organised file as this will be your guidance and will help you pass your course. Within this zone you will find out about how to analyse the skin, how to carry out a consultation on your bride, makeup procedure in the right order, preparing the skin ready for makeup, correcting and concealing problem areas, looking at various face shapes, structures and how to contour and highlight, various eye shapes, and how eye makeup is applied differently according to that eye shape, how to line the lips, apply eyeliner, using the correct foundations for each skin type and how to be creative. We will provide you with a Asian Bridal Makeup Kit List where you can purchase at discounted rate. You will be able to do work experience with our very own Farah Syed.

Being a Makeup artist isn’t just knowing how to be creative, it is also making sure you understand that each person has a different face to another and how you can make the makeup work for that person. Eye shadow applied to one person will not be the same on another person even if applied exactly the same way, the only way it would look the same is if they have the same eye shape.

To be a makeup artist you need to have an eye for creativity, this is the heart, but let’s not forget to be the BEST makeup artist, you must be at all times hygienic! Too many academies nowadays just teach you about how to apply makeup, here at the Farah Syed Academy we want to teach you the correct way to ensure you are creative at your best!!!