Student Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Farah Syed Training Academy a place to learn your Asian bridal hair and makeup, we hope you will have a successful time with us.

Whilst studying at the Academy there are some rules that need to be adhere to at all time, failure to comply, could be incomplete of course and possibly a dismissal. Please Read thoroughly and print, sign and date at the bottom. The list may be exhaustive but it is in the best interest for yourself and us.

You agree to the following:_

  • You are expected to be on time every day the course is run. Course will run promptly from 10am and will finish promptly 5pm every day. You therefore must come 10 mins early to ensure a smooth start at 10am.
  • Students will need to arrange for your own models (can be friends and relatives) Please arrange prior to training. Models must be reliable to attend everyday of the course. If you need a model then you can advertise on my facebook page and let Farah Syed know in advance so that we can try and arrange one for you. If you require us to arrange for you then the charges are £30 per day for one model. Your model for the portfolio day should be a size 8-12. For the makeup lessons you may use any model of any size.
  • If you cannot attend the start of the course for any just reason then you need to let Farah Syed know in advance of at least 3 weeks prior course start date so that another date can be arranged.
  • Whilst at the premises you are responsible for your property and it is advisable that if travelling by car to lock your coats, bags etc in the car before entering If you must bring your items please let it be just a coat and small bag as space is limited for storage, you will be provided with a locker, but Farah Syed will retain all keys to ensure the safety of keys, you are responsible for your property.
  • Farah Syed Training Academy is not liable for any accidents or injury or death whilst at the premises.
  • You will be bag checked BEFORE the end of EACH day throughout the course duration, if you store your property here in the premises.
  • You must NOT bring in any of your own makeup in Farah Syed Academy’s Premises. Under no circumstances should you bring it, if you do it will be a straight dismissal, therefore please leave your makeup at home!
  • You must not bring your bags or food/drinks into the Studio, it must be kept in the adjacent Photo studio room.
  • In order to help pass the course, it is advisable to bring Hard back notebook paper and pen with you to make notes.
  • You must under no circumstances take any video footage via mobile phone, cameras or anything that can capture footage. Photos are permitted for personal use, so you may understand the step by steps shown.
  • You are required to wear all black and full makeup everyday for the course. Clothing must not have any pockets and you will be checked, if found wearing, then you will not be able to continue your study for the day.
  • You must make sure that you have no nail polish applied to your nails for the duration of your course.
  • You agree that throughout the course, there may be media coverage, and will be used for advertising purposes via print, video, online and other forms of media, therefore you agree to being filmed, photographed and allow such images to be used, for marketing materials.
  • CCTV is fully operational and if found stealing you will be instantly dismissed and charges will be pressed against you.
  • You agree that if you fail to attend your classes you will not complete your course. You therefore must attend all classes as your fees are non refundable should you not turn up.
  • All fees are non refundable. Any outstanding fees must be paid prior the course commencing no later than 2 weeks before the start date.
  • If you require extensions other than the time allocated for the course duration to complete your course you will be charged accordingly. 1 day- £250, 2 days £500
  • All course materials you will need will be available online up until your last day of your course. You are therefore advised to make a copy. You are also expected to bring a copy of your online material as we will be going through it everyday and you will need to refer back to it. So please print out and make a folder to bring with you each and everyday of your course.
  • You are freely able to use whatever makeup you need at the academy and have full use of the mannequins heads. You are however expected once completed the course to purchase a mannequin head and practice as often as possible to keep up your skills for your own self and for you to be successful in your career.
  • Farah Syed will teach you all the tips and tricks, it is up to you to practice and take notes. You will on completion of course be accredited from Farah Syed Training Academy and titled with your course heading.
  • You must be dedicated, committed and show enthusiasm to successfully complete the course.
  • You will need to bring Photo Identification (Passport or Driving License) with you on the first day for certification purposes.
  • If you fail to bring your course materials on your first day of your course commencing, you understand a £10 charge will be made to you, even if you bring your course materials in the next day.
  • Any student or model with sensitive skin and/or developing any contra-actions from makeup is not the responsibility of Farah Syed.
  • Students who will bring models must make sure that they do not have cold sores, eye infections, cuts on face, any viral/bacterial infections on any part of the face to avoid cross contamination and spreading to yourself and others.
  • On successful completion you will be ready to prepare an Asian bride for her big day. You may wish to expand your skills and gain a recognised qualification, by studying other Level 2 courses like Camouflage Makeup, Fashion Makeup, Catwalk makeup, Prosthetic Theatre Makeup etc
  • We hope to have you on board the Farah Syed Training Academy and be successful in your chosen career.

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